code doxycycline cost MAR 6336 relate What’s truly being exchanged when people buy from Starbucks (or Target or Saks or Apple or your local supermarket or any other organization)?

For generations, we as consumers never really sat to think what exchange we were getting when buying fast food. Since the goal of marketing is to facilitate a perceived mutually beneficial exchange relationship, we need to sit back and think what is being exchanged when buying products from fast food places like Starbucks or even supermarkets. For me, when exchanging a relationship should be an exchange of services or goods. So, when I buy from Starbucks I am buying the product in exchange for a set price from the store. On the other hand, when we buy a service like a personal fitness coach, we are exchanging money to see progress in our fitness life and health. These types of exchange can relate to intangible and tangible products. The exchange from buying Starbucks is getting a tangible product, when on the other hand paying for a service is an intangible product you are exchanging between customer and buyer. frame Why is video advertising becoming so popular?

We live in a world today where all the generations are relying on technology and social media platforms to get information on what is happening in the world. Video advertising can be used through movies, social media apps, the internet, and much more. This makes it more convenient for the consumer and easier for the marketers to get their advertisements across more populations. Making video advertisements is also easier in the way you can use different attributes to capture the attention of the audience. You can use a variety of things like music, colors, dialogue and much more. It is also cheap enough that small time organizations can afford to make their own videos. perfect What are the most important characteristics of good objectives?

Good objectives are something that can be lost in transitions. We all know they are important but sometimes we lose sight of what they are. Some of the characteristics of good objectives are clarity, balance, theory, validity, motives, appeals and creativity are just a few that can come to mind. A big factor that is seen now in days is management development. On one hand, you have the objectives of the individual, and the other hand you have the objectives of the enterprise. Another key factor is the need for renewal. This meaning that sometimes we are faced with obstacles that get in the way of our set objectives. When this happens, we need to be able to change our ways and find a new strategy to achieve our goals.

manufacture Experimentation

One of the easier testing is called the AB testing also known as split testing. In order to do these test, we need to make two different versions of a video or project you are creating but only changing one single variable. Then you would show them to your audience and they will decide which was better. These AB testing experiments can be as simple or difficult as you want to make them. For example, in the Hub Spot article they used the example of moving the call to action button to the top of the home page instead of having it on the side.

additional reading   Marketing Video

This week post will be about our weekly assignments and our marketing video. The assignments given to us always had a different element we were analyzing, to me this all led up to our marketing video. The hardest element I thought we did was the silence/ nothing. On the other hand, our assignment 6 was the element of speaking. After doing this analysis on the element of speaking I feel like It really helped my marketing video. For the videos, I decided to do a voice over with music and a voice over without music. Making the videos was much easier after having gone through the element analysis because I would refer back to the element descriptions I had focused on, as well as my recommendations.

This Site Google Ads

The google ads campaign creation was not as difficult as I thought it would be. After our zoom session with the professor It was clear to me that I wanted to actually do this with other videos. I own a small time business company and wanted to see how it would work if I made my own ads pertaining to my business. I thought that if I did the ads my business would get more views and maybe more click through to the website link as well. I am still waiting on some results but I feel like this can help any business start their social media campaigns and bring more viewers in.

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Week 2

Today we will be talking about social media technology. Social media technology comes in two types, one being social media management, and the other being social media listening tools. Social media management can be very helpful and is all about the workflow and how one post and reply’s. Social media listening tools are all about the social media environment and how we can follow certain trends we need to find and influential topics we need. We also hear in classes how we need to protect the brand image and really build that connection with customers so that the image does not fail. Well in terms of bigger companies, what they use is a tool called Brandwatch. The reason for this being used by companies who have an image to protect is because, it analyzes all the data from past and present to understand the choice customers are making.

Week 3


Data management platforms is something that gives us the power to have first, secondary and third-party data from different channels, analyze the data and visualize it to understand how it happens and other business metrics as well. There are different types of data, first being technographic, geographical, contextual, intent, behavioral. They all vary from device/browser, IP address, and page content. The competency matrix when It comes to the platform data is identity management, audience management, and customer privacy and compliance. Platform execution consist of platform utilization, media optimization, and channel optimization. Lastly platform enablers consist of measurement and attribution, marketing technology stack, and organization.

Week 5

Influences by platform

Social media is the primary platform used by social influences worldwide. The effects of this is that sometimes consumers say one thing but then their actions show the opposite. An example would be when consumers rate goes higher if there is a big person like a celebrity around it. The challenge of influence is that you need to work it to your product and that you still need to engage the brand even without the influences around it. We need to think to ourselves what good does it do as well as the harm it may cause. The number one problem that can be seen is keeping everyone on task and having to do what they need too.

Week 6

We are quick to judge Facebook since all the new platforms came out. What we don’t realize is the tools that come with it. We can now you Facebook as a business manager to run paid advertisements. We can do campaigns which consist of more than one ad and each campaign can have a different goal. In order to get all this started we have to think the how much we have to spend, who we want to see it, how many people we want to reach, and the goal for our ad. For the audience, we can either choose it ourselves or let it be made automatic from Facebook itself that looks into who likes the same things and people you are friend with. This is a great way to promote your product or mission to the people.

Gamification and Social Selling.

Gamification is the evolution of the concept of positive reinforcement that shows how digital marketers make a game out the social media or mobile devices to entice customers to play along and get involved. Some things that can fall into this category are companies who give “badges” for achieving something or doing a task. Things like passing a quiz, checking into a location when they needed (like Disney did with their audiences). Moreover, Social selling, is the process of using leverage to gain insight by using social media in order to increase sales. In a recent study, it shows that 79% of social sellers outperform the sales people that are not undertaking social sales.

DBA Conference Blog

Michael Kappitt, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Mike was a great speaker I wished I would have been able to see in person. Thankfully our MSM program was able to record this presentation. Mike is someone that I believe a lot of our MSM students can relate too. We are all young and trying to succeed in life in the Marketing World in Miami. Hearing how Mike was able to start from a 20 Hour part time job to the president and Vice President of different companies. He states that Marketing to him is not about “television advertisement”, but the Math+Magic instead. Mike got to see how the analytics played a huge roll in the company’s operation and coming from a finance background it was something that he could stay with. According to Mike there are many components of Marketing other than commercials. He explains the consumer insights, Marketing Analytics, Loyalty, Marcomm, Production, Field Marketing, Media, and Product Marketing. All of these groups of Marketing consist of Math and Magic, mostly Math. Even when creating a marketing campaign we also look at the Media/Platform side of it but do not realize the Metrics that go hand in hand. Mike has some wonderful detailed videos on his Linked In profile.

Hector Hernandez, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Hectors presentation was all about the metrics behind the brand value. He starts off by stating what would happen when a customer searches for something specific, and how it takes them to the business landing page. What we as consumers do not see is the magic that happens behind it, which is now many monthly searches happen, the click through rates and cost per clicks, bounce rates and drop, and lastly the conversion rate. He explains how in a monthly search of 16,800 searches only 1.1 orders go through. Brand awareness is something that is made by money backing It and a bunch of metrics. He explained branded traffic value which is, branded sessions multiplied by avg. CPC and Generic KWs multiples by 1+ growth rate/ months by the number of months.  This can help you know what you need to spend to bring in people that do not know your brand. I connected with Hector through Linked in and read some of the great articles that he has published.

A great quote that stood out to me said by Hector at the conference was “You have to measure to know where you are going.”

Joni Fernandez, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Joni’s presentation stood out to me because she spoke about something that we all need to accomplish, how to be a master leader. Leadership was defining by her by someone who can guide and direct a group and have the ability to lead. Having the ability to lead is something that we are something we have without even realizing it. Just be having something we are accounted for is already showing leadership. Leadership is a general term that we take for granted, practicing leadership can come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding the solution is one very important key to success in a company. If there is a problem, find a solution instead of throwing it on your boss. Joni’s presentation was something we can take with us for our entire life not only in our MSM program but in our own life and career. She said something that stood out to me which was that our job is as small or as big as we make it and not to limit our possibilities. Joni’s Linked in profile has information for all sorts of topics and questions about Marketing,

Evan Carroll, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Evan’s presentation about customers was very moving hearing about the know me program. The know me program was something that caught almost every customers attention because It was an in person transaction. The fact that it was in person, overpowered all the email and phone call transactions. Knowing the customer in person and after helping them with their problem, offering them a new insight to purchase was a better conversion rate then annoying the customer with emails. The IBM research showed that having relationship with the customers was all about keeping the customer happy and harmonized.

Sean Gardner, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Sean’s presentation about artificial intelligence was something that I have not thought about using to boost social media. It is something so simple that can be used the maximum effort in order to succeed in social media marketing. AI marketing is nothing more than human simulation for making decisions. AI can be so useful that it can even create blog post for you by just inputting some basic information on what you want to discuss. Looka software can create logos for you by inputting images and it shows you the importance of logos and the colors and graphics we should use. Even though it does use AI, it is not an expensive software. Learning about AI and all its purposes makes social media marketing very easy and simple. If you would like to connect with Sean and learn more about AI connect with hum on LinkedIN

Britney Muller, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Britney explained SEO in a very simple way. She explained how to come up on top on google it has to have great content and backlinks as well. it is amazing to me how she was able to make a better website for the event just by doing the backlinks and making it interesting. The imposter Syndrome is the pattern in which we as humans constantly doubt ourselves or things we can accomplish. There are ways to decrease the syndrome, that consist of three things. Self-awareness of our thoughts is the first thing we as humans need to achieve as humans. Next practicing good posture is one that might me confusing, but the way we carry ourselves and look posture wise can subconsciously give off different vibes. Lastly, we need to self-care and meditate or just relax throughout the week. Britney was a very eye-opening presentation, she related very well to how most of us in this program feel.

Kathy Mayor, Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference speaker. #DBAmiami. Kathy spoke about the importance of the brand challenge in her experience in Carnival Cruise Lines. Having barriers to trial is something that brands like cruise lines always struggle with, but there are ways to fix this. First, we need to break the pattern, this means they need to introduce themselves in a new way not just a cruise line. Furthermore, we need to create comfort, they do this by guaranteeing the vacation and cruise. Next, we need to change the association, if there is a bad association with a brand, we need to figure out a way to change it in a good way by bringing other impressions in. Moreover, we need to lead the imagination. You can do this by taking nice videos in a first-person view. There are many more ways we can break barriers, for the most part the ways that Kathy managed this in her career are ways that we can use in our everyday life and future careers

Information process is the mental process that happens when something triggers the though process by exposure of any information. This can be anything from ads you here on the radio, things you try at the supermarket, or anything advertised to you. The process will consist of being exposed, you are comprehending the ad, you are storing the process in your memory, and then retrieving it when needed. Like the video states this can be something as simple as seeing a car ad in the middle of commercials, that you will then store and think about in the case if you ever need to buy a new car, you will retrieve that memory. This proves is something simple and things we see in an everyday life that we don’t stop to think we are storing in our memory and bring back in our thought process when it is triggered by something.